Syntax for Script Statements “:BEGIN_EXT_INTERPRETERS” and “:END_EXT_INTERPRETERS” incorrectly documented

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Last Modified Date : 14/04/2018
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The Automation Engine (AE) documentation incorrectly displayed the syntax for the :BEGIN_EXT_INTERPRETERS and :END_EXT_INTERPRETERS script statements.

The correct syntax for these script statements should be:

External Interpreter Script

The script element, as well as the examples, are described using the incorrect syntax as follows (without the "S" at the end):

External Interpreter Script

If you attempt to use the incorrect syntax described above, it will not work and it is NOT highlighted in the Java User Interface (UI).


AE v11
Automation Engine Script Guide > Ordered by Function > Script Structure and Processing

AE v12
Automic Scripting Guide > Ordered by Function > Script Structure and Processing > :BEGIN_EXT_INTERPRETERS... :END_EXT_INTERPRETERS


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Root Cause: :BEGIN_EXT_INTERPRETERS... :END_EXT_INTERPRETERS Syntax incorrectly documented without the "S" at the end.
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Automation.Engine 12.0.1 - Available
Automation Engine 11.2.4 - Available
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