SYB054 Target Device Has Incorrect Volume Organization

Document ID : KB000027440
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Before submitting the restore, the DASD was formatted with CPFMTXA, but not the entire volume.

After receiving the SYB054 message, the entire DASD volume was formatted with CPFMTXA but the error still occurred. 



This message is telling us the disk was backed up as one type, but the RESTORE was being attempted to a different type. For example, the disk was backed up as CMS, but the disk we are restoring to is not formatted as CMS.

If there is no FORMAT option on the RESTORE command, we assume the format of the disk matches the backup type. There was not a format on the RESTORE command, therefore, it failed. Once the FORMAT option is added, the RESTORE worked fine.


Additional Information: 

It is important to understand that with HiDRO, if a minidisk, whether it is a full dasd volume or a 1 cylinder minidisk, the backup format is important. A minidisk that is not CMS-formatted, is automatically backed up as IVORG UNDEFINED.  You can restore it only as UNDEFINED.   UNDEFINED is the same as a physical backup, track to track. If a minidisk is CMS and backed up as CMS, the minidisk it is being restored to must be CMS-formatted.  This can be done either by using the CMS FORMAT command before the HiDRO restore starts, or with the FORMAT option added to the RESTORE command.