Suppressing message "CAY6092 JOBLIB/STEPLIB NOT REQUIRED FOR PROGRAM program" for CA JCLCheck Workload Automation.

Document ID : KB000023055
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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This Knowledge Document describes how to suppress the CA JCLCheck WA warning message "CAY6092 JOBLIB/STEPLIB NOT REQUIRED FOR PROGRAM program" .



This message can be suppressed only by the following methods:

  1. Use runtime option MCOSYS if everyone wants it suppressed

  2. Use runtime option MCOUSR if some users wants the message suppressed

  3. Code an Assembler exit. A sample error message exit is provided in the SAMPJCL library and is named CAZ1XERR. Usermod MZ1nn30 (where nn is the release level, ie. MZ1C030 for r12) must be applied to assemble and link the error exit. To activate the exit, use runtime option DYN(XERR).

  4. Code a REXX message processing routine. A sample REXX exec is provided in the CAIOPTN library and is named CAZ1REXX. To activate the REXX interface, use runtime option STDREXX(pgmname) and REXXMSG.

  5. Apply usermod MZ2nn23 with the following statement: