Support for REGEXSUBSTR, HASHLOV for COMBINEVALS - need an extra field added to support a specific column delimiter field.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Requirements have come in regarding a set of data that needs to be masked that Fast Data Masker does not currently cover.  Due to how the data was generated, there are two delimiters used to distinguish between fields and sub fields.  For example, here is a line of raw data (obfuscated for the most part):

9100 HWY 114^TS BSX 72^NEW YORK^TN^38374^WSA  

Please note that the pipe "|" symbol is used to distinguish between fields and the carat "^" is used as a delimiter within the fields.  How can we mask only "9100 HWY 114" ?

FDM in TDM 4.4 GA

Need new software to accomplish this.


In the mapper there are 2 new fields, From Occurrence and To Occurrence. 


The entries for these should be in the form of number of occurrence (character to test). For example:

The initial string is:

9100 HWY 114^TS BSX 72^NEW YORK^TN^38374^WSA 

To mask 9100 HWY 114, the first occurrence is left blank and the to occurrence is 1(^). 

If you wanted to mask NEW YORK, the values are:


Please contact Support for the version of Fast Data Masker that contains this new functionality ( or greater).  Please note that it should be in the next GA after TDM 4.4.  As is common practice, please verify with Support that this fix made it into the next GA after TDM 4.4.