Subsytem consoles defined in SYS1.PARMLIB(CONSOLxx) member are no longer needed.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The use of extended and extra extended consoles are recommended as they are easier to manage rather than subsystem consoles.


First proceed to edit your current hlq.CCLXCNTL(OPSSPAxx) parameter member and add the following line:


Make sure you do not have a value of "0" for the EXTENDEDCONSOLES parameter. The default value is 15.

The EXTRAEXTCONSOLES parameter has a default value of "0".

Next restart your OPSMAIN task and look for the following message:


By default 15 extended consoles are dynamically allocated and the following messages should be seeing:

 	IEA630I OPERATOR ExxxxS01 NOW ACTIVE, SYSTEM=xxxx , LU=ExxxxS01       
   OPS0118T Extended console ExxxxS01 activated 
   IEA630I OPERATOR ExxxxS01 NOW ACTIVE, SYSTEM=xxxx , LU=ExxxxS15
   OPS0118T Extended console ExxxxS15 activated

These consoles will be used to issue commands and retrieve output from our OSF Servers.

Once this is all in place no more subsystem consoles (default value for SUBSYSDEFAULT is 2) will be allocated as OPSMAIN normally does when this message is displayed:

 	OPA0118T Subsystem console xxxxSS01 allocated       
   OPA0118T Subsystem console xxxxSS02 allocated