GT Subset: Unable to access buttons in first screen

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Last Modified Date : 14/03/2018
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Recently upgraded to a new computer platform. Now am now unable to access the buttons in the initial logon screen for GT Subset. The display settings are all set to the recommended values. The latest debug patch for GT Subset doesn't not provide the option to maximize the window, even though earlier versions of GT Subset do. When older versions are maximized, it doesn't fix the resolution/size of the window but it does allow to at least access the buttons. All of the individuals who have this new device have this problem. Collectively we have not found a setting that resolves the issue.  At this time, this is the only application showing this issue. Is this a GT Subset issue or is it a Windows 10 setting issue?
Subset 4.3
Windows 10
Troubleshooting Steps:
Are you able to check your user accessibility options? This can happen when the text is set to be larger. Control Panel-> All Control Panel Items-> Display-> Set custom text size
Can you please try this suggested resolution? "Settings" => "System" => "Tablet mode" => Disable the Tablet mode
Can you also try right clicking on gtsubset.exe - > properties-> compatibility and try running compatibility for Windows 7 or by setting the option run in 640X480 screen resolution?

Diagnostic Findings:
CA Development confirms it is not an issue with the patch, but is a configuration issue in Windows that has been seen in other windows versions.
In addition, Service's feedback indicates some other customers using GT Subset and FDM with MS laptops/tablets also have had this issue. Scaling up the display to 300+% helped a little. As a workaround, if you connect to the server using an older laptop, the issue will not be seen. 
Its basically caused by an accessibility option in widows where you ask it to increase text size to say 150 %.  The java libraries have no support for this, and thus they cannot resize appropriately.  The only option is to put the screen size option back to 100% for it to work.  Since, this is a JAVA issue, we cannot correct via a patch.  The picture shown is for a non-Windows 10 machine but shows what to look for and the warning from Windows.

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