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Last Modified Date : 05/06/2018
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We did generate the export/import script for a database on MS SQL Server. Scripts were generated but the export script fails to export the records. As a test we did execute a manual bcp command (copy& paste from the script). That command ran without a problem, dmp file was created as expected.  Can we include these options in the product?  It would provide better Debugging for us all.
Product Release =4.5
Component Code = TDMFDM
SQL Server JDBC driver runs out of memory when querying large tables, especially those containing clob or xml data.
Increased the Memory for FDM - no change.
Increasing the JVM memory does not resolve this as it is internal to the driver.
Seems that the import script is also having an issue with SERVERNAME,PORT. When executing the script the SERVERNAME is dropped and only the PORT is being used in the script.
The workaround which worked for the export script (hardcoded servername, port) does not work for the import script.
Note, supplying a port number is optional, if not supplied then the scripts will go with the default value of 1433 
For the import scripts the port number MUST be prefixed with -port for example 
For the export scripts, just the port number itself is OK. 
Even after the patch, this is really slow.
A build with a different driver, apparently even the open source JTDS is 50% faster than Microsoft’s driver.
The addition of the suggested BCP options are now available in with the  patch.  Please contact CA TDM Support for this patch, one later, or to verify if it is on the current GA version.

How to implement these new features:

Open the mapper and select your existing SQL Server Connection, then be sure to set this connection option.
Screen that shows that the new option is in the lower part of the screen with a the words after the checkbox Server Side Cursor.

This reduces the memory overhead for cursor processing on the client machine. Use your existing masking options. If the size of your table i svery large, it may take several minutes for the masking process to start. In your script file, I would expect an entry like: 

Using URL:jdbc:sqlserver://<<SERVER_NAME_HERE>>:1433;DatabaseName=TRAVEL;encrypt=true;trustServerCertificate=true;selectMethod=cursor
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