Submit for Budget Approval with Entity Freeze Date will allow successful 'Replace'/'Merge' creation, but XOG Budget submission is prevented

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When there is an Entity Freeze Date defined, the submission of a Cost Plan as a 'submitted' budget plan is prevented with the message "Cannot modify plan periods prior to the freeze date" when using XOG. The same action, using the same data is successful in the application UI.

If you try to create a Budget submission using the forceReplace="false" ; it still encounters the error.   

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Create a Project and configure financial properties, use a simple matrix with one rate for all
2. Allocate and assign financial Resources and Roles to the project
3. Create a New from Task Assignments or Team Cost Plan, grouped by Charge Code, Transaction Class, Resource Role, Resource
a. Submit Plan for Budget Approval (this is the first budget, no Submit Option yet)
b Approve the submitted Budget
4. Go back to the original cost plan - add some rows and update some cost values in the first period of the plan.
5. Locate the Entity associated with the Project Department OBS Unit and in the Entity, Plan Defaults tab.
a. Set a Freeze Date to a date later than the end date of the first period.
b. Go back to the cost plan and try to update cost data in the first period ; it is not open for editing as expected.
6. Perform a XOG read of the <CostPlan> created in Step 3
a. Modify the XOG output file to use <BudgetPlan> XOG write action to submit a new Budget Plan based on this plan
... status="SUBMITTED" forceReplace="true" (replace submit option)
b. Perform the XOG write action
... the XOG action failed
c. Modify the XOG file so that forceReplace="false" (merge submit option)
d. Perform the XOG write action
... the XOG action failed
7. Submit the Cost Plan through the application UI ; Submit Option = Replace or Merge (does not matter)
... the UI action is successful
Expected Result:  XOG should allow for Budget Submission with an Entity Freeze Date same as the application allows
Actual Result:  XOG Budget submission fails "Cannot modify plan periods prior to the freeze date"




Change or remove Entity Freeze Date to submit a plan for Budget approval using XOG. Or perform the action in the application UI.


CLRT-77529 : Open for review by CA Development