Stopping Server Processes on one server with Service Manager commands also makes a second server go down

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Last Modified Date : 14/04/2018
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When bringing down server processes (CPs and WPs) on one server with the command line program UCYBSMCL, server processes are also being stopped on other servers.

For instance running a shell script like this on server 1:

export UC4=/uc4/SO11/AutomationEngine
export UC4SYS=SO11
export UC4SMGR=/uc4/SO11/ServiceManager/bin


$UC4SMGR/ucybsmcl -c STOP_PROCESS -h $HOSTNAME:8888 -n $UC4SYS -m S -s "UC4 WP1"
$UC4SMGR/ucybsmcl -c STOP_PROCESS -h $HOSTNAME:8888 -n $UC4SYS -m S -s "UC4 WP2"
$UC4SMGR/ucybsmcl -c STOP_PROCESS -h $HOSTNAME:8888 -n $UC4SYS -m S -s "UC4 WP3"
$UC4SMGR/ucybsmcl -c STOP_PROCESS -h $HOSTNAME:8888 -n $UC4SYS -m S -s "UC4 CP1"
$UC4SMGR/ucybsmcl -c STOP_PROCESS -h $HOSTNAME:8888 -n $UC4SYS -m S -s "UC4 CP2"
$UC4SMGR/ucybsmcl -c STOP_PROCESS -h $HOSTNAME:8888 -n $UC4SYS -m S -s "UC4 CP3"

Will also kill processes on server 2.
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Root Cause: Parameter "-m S" of STOP_PROCESS stands for 'shutdown', which means that it will shutdown the entire AE system. Hence if you have 2 servers, processes running on the other server will also be affected.
Use parameter "-m C" (CLOSE)  instead of "-m S" (SHUTDOWN) so the command looks like this:

ucybsmcl -c STOP_PROCESS -h computer name -n phrase -s name of the service -m C [-p password]

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