Stop Org Admins from editing Organization details

Document ID : KB000098879
Last Modified Date : 30/05/2018
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How do I stop the organization admins from editing the organization details in Portal 3.5. 
Organization admins have the ability to edit or delete organization. They can do this with a "Edit" link from the Dashboard/Organization page. 

You can choose to disable the submit button during the edit. This will ensure they cannot change it. The file that controls the Organization Details form can be found at /SYSTEM/conf/sitebuilder/packages/layer7/modules/DeveloperOrgList/xsl/edit-new-org-details.xml 

You can comment out the elements: 
<Button type="submit" name="submit"> 

And the file that handles the form submission can be found at /sitebuilder/installed/pagerules/orgadmin-actions.xml, look for the xml elements found within <PageRule name="lrs-orgadmin-update" match="/ajax/update-org" ... > 

You can can comment out the elements 
<OrganizationAdmin name="MainContent" 

and save and publish the change to both files. This will prevent the user interface from showing a submit button, and it prevents the portal from handling any changes should the user modify the DOM using browser developer tools. 
Additional Information:
This comes with a warning that this changes system files used by the portal dashboard, so it is absolutely not an upgrade safe change. You are responsible for ensuring a backup of these changes are stored somewhere in case these files are modified by a future update.