Still having issues connecting to Web Viewer on X86 Linux machine

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Last Modified Date : 09/01/2019
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Recently reinstalled 12.1 build 192 and TC 8.5.32 to an x86 machine as were moving away from z/Linux. I was told and in fact is true I could connect both from either z/Linux OR x86 server since were pointing to same repository for both. The only caveat was to use a different TCPIP.SYSID value for each instance. I've done that but still encountering a waiting on the x86 server. It's not all the time but once it happens I need to shutdown TC and restart it which is not acceptable in Production environment. I'm attaching configtool log as there may be some clue? in there as to whats going on with this.
getting DB2 database connection errors, this may contribute to login difficulties. TCPIP.Server, which should be the LPAR name or alias where DRAS is located, and the License.SystemID, which should be the reference for the CCI access to the LPAR, are both =TECH. For the zLinux properties, customer had the TCPIP.Server=TECH-HSI. They should be different because they represent 2 different things. You can verify the CCI access name by looking at your Repository Definition in the Web Viewer Administration->Repository. The first name in the Repository Location is the CCI access alias name as:
<CCI Access>:<DRAS Server>:<Repository Name>
Problem was less severe after implementing the above suggestions. Bottom line is that the customer found they may still login to Web Viewer on their x86 system near immediately if they press Enter twice. No cause was determined before the case was closed. Insofar as can be determined, this is a one-off situation.