Steps to Take Before and After Upgrading SiteMinder components monitored by Wily Siteminder Manager

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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  What steps should I follow before and after upgrading SiteMinder components such as the Policy Server or Web Agent that are monitored by APM ?


  Note: Use these steps in conjunction with the steps mentioned in the SiteMinder Manager documentation available as part of product installation.

  Before starting the upgrade of Web Server Agent or the Policy Server (applicable to SMM 12.0 version), perform the following step:

  • Stop the SiteMinder Manager Agent by executing ./ stop from the SiteMinderManagerAgent directory.


  After completing the upgrade of Web Server Agent or the Policy Server, follow these steps:

  1. The file will be overwritten when the Web Server Agent or Policy Server is upgraded. Copy the correct version of this file from the 

      SiteMinderManagerAgent directory to either <WA_Home>/bin or <PS_Home>/lib directory based on what is to be monitored.

  2. Upgrading replaces the PS or WA environment script file: or nete_ps_env.ksh. Add the following line to the end of these script files:




  3. Make sure the data directory under SiteMinderManagerAgent is cleaned and the corresponding shared segment deleted from kernel. You can use ipcs -m and ipcrm commands to identify and delete the shared segment from the kernel.

  4. Make sure that reporting to Introscope is enabled in WA or PS by checking the properties of the WebAgent Configuration object or smconsole. In the former, EnableIntroscopeAgentSupport=YES should be there. In the latter, file should be configured through the advanced tab of smconsole.

  5. Start SiteMinder Manager Agent by executing ./ start from SiteMinderManagerAgent directory.