Steps to implement a IBM TS7700 tape library for the communication between z/VSE and the robot.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Steps to implement a IBM TS7700 tape library for the communication between CA Dynam/T for z/VSE and the robot.


Customer received a new IBM TS7700 tape library and needs to use it natively in z/VSE. What needs to be done?


First, check if you have IBM PTF UD53436 on.
Second, verify that the robot is correctly working  ... using command:


Hereafter are described the steps to perform to get the robot working with CA DYNAM/T for z/VSE.

    1. Parameter to change in CUI: in File Management, System Options, CA DYNAM/T, select 9. Tape Library Information, Specify a LIBRARY ID and the library name as defined in your TLSDEF proc. You can specify a library id of 0 to 9 and A to F. The tape will have an ownerid of yx, where x is the scratch category, which default to 0 and Y is the LIBRARY ID as specified above. (Use DYNCAT SCRPOOL to add the ownerid to the tape with OW=yx) Hit PF2 to update and refresh than PF3. 
    2. Select 1. System Options Information.
      You should specify CATCHK=NO and OWNCHK=NO to allow for the fast ready category of the VTS.
      TAPECHK should be NO.
      PROTECT should be YES if you have not initialized the tape with DYNCAT.
      PROHIBT should be YES.
      11 ON Support Automated Cartridge System.
      15 ON Density, required to use 3490E/3590 for Output.
      17 ON Use High Performance AVR.
      23 ON Use OWNERID to specify library and scratch pool.
      MODON 22 MUST, be OFF.
      When testing, it could be interesting to set MODON 15 OFF.

    1. Dataset definitions;
      You should specify ROBOT=YES for the datasets as well as the correct
      OWNER id to the corresponding Library Id and scratch category in the robot.

    1. You should synchronize the ROBOT catalog with the DYNAM catalog using
         // EXEC TDYNIBM                                                        
         SYNC FIRSTVOL=T00000 LASTVOL=T00005                                    
    2. In the production JCL there is nothing special to code. These should stay just the same as your normal JCL.

  1. If you have still troubles, open a call with CA and collect the following doc:
    1. CAISERV                                                              
         // UPSI 10                                                             
         // EXEC CAISERV  
    2. A DYNAM trace activated at the job start, for example via command;
         // EXEC DTRIATTN,PARM='CATRACE DYT ON ACS ALL'                         
      To deactivate the trace;
      CATRACE DYT OFF                                                        
      Please send the output of the job that tried to write the tape.
      Normally the traces are directed to the sysout of the job.

  1. The output of AR command.
    QT cuu                            
  2. If VSE is running as a guest of VM, verify that the VM directory for your VSE have the following: