Steps to configure the Harvest Agent in a Microsoft Cluster Environment

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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This document details the steps required to configure the Harvest Agent to work within a Microsoft Cluster Environment

IMPORTANT: The solution proposed in this document is for an Active-Passive cluster configuration only!


To demonstrate the process of the correct working of the Harvest Agent in the Microsoft Cluster environment, the following scenario is presented:

  1. A cluster machine named OKASI01-MSCS

  2. Two machines within the cluster called:

Note: This document will not detail the steps required to create a cluster but focus on the Harvest Agent within the cluster

Figure 1

  1. Install the Harvest Agent on the first machine in the cluster, e.g. OKASI01-MSCS1

    The installation MUST be done to the clusters shared disk.

    Make sure the Harvest Agent is installed as a service and that the service is set to Manual

    Figure 2

  2. Repeat the Harvest Agent installation on the second machine in the cluster, e.g. OKASI01-MSCS2

    The installation MUST be done to the cluster shared disk and to the same folder as was used for the installation on OKASI01-MSCS1

    Note: Although the above steps will replace existing files; as installed in step 1), it is important that this part is done so as to ensure the correct registry entries are set up on OKASI01-MSCS2

    Make sure the Harvest Agent is installed as a service and that the service is set to Manual

    Figure 3

  3. Install Harvest PATCH to match the Server PATCH. You need to do this only one time in the Shared drive.

  4. On OKASI01-MSCS1 and OKASI01-MSCS2 create a System Variable named 'RT_FORCE_NODE_NAME' and associate it with a variable value equal to the cluster logical name, e.g. OKASI01-MSCS:

    Figure 4

    Having completed the Harvest Agent installation, it is now necessary to configure the actual Microsoft Cluster as follows:

    1. Choose an existing group, right-click on it , select 'New' and 'Resource'

    2. Fill in the New Resource details as follows:
        Name = harvest  Resource Type = Generic Service
      Figure 5

    3. Within the Possible Owners window, add OKASI01-MSCS1 and OKASI01-MSCS2 to the Possible Servers:

      Figure 6

    4. Within Dependencies add the Shared Disk where the Harvest Agent was installed:

      Figure 7

    5. For the Generic Service Parameters name add Harvest Agent Service:

      Note: The name matches the name of the Harvest Agent service

      Figure 8

    6. Do not add anything to the Registry Replication window, just click on Finish:

      Figure 9

      To verify that everything is set up correctly, use e.g. 'pecmon' to verify a connection for the cluster machine (OKASI01-MSCS):

      Figure 10

      Next make sure that it is possible to connect to the agent by logging on to the cluster machine (OKASI01-MSCS):

      Figure 11

      At this point it should be possible to view the directories:

      Figure 12