DUAS: stdout redirection of binaries called by Uproc is not working

Document ID : KB000118671
Last Modified Date : 30/10/2018
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Stdout redirection of binaries called by a Uproc is not working.
This means that binaries called from script executed inside the Dollar Universe context will not be able to redirect their standard output stream into a log file.

Example of a context, '==>' stands for executes:

Uproc ==> Script 1 ==> Script 2 ==> Script 3 ==> binary > output file 

Output file is not populated when the binary is executed.
Dollar Universe on Unix/Linux
This is expected behavior as Dollar Universe 6 "Close standard input in batch" is set to "No" by default.
This can be fixed by changing the node settings variable U_BATCH_CLOSE_STDIN from 'Y' to 'N'

In the Node Settings ==> Technical Settings ==> Close standard input in batch : to set  it from 'Yes' to 'No'.

This setting will allow the executed binary to handle its standard output stream as required.

There is no need to restart Dollar Universe to have these changes taken into account.