Starting IFCIDS thru Insight

Document ID : KB000013827
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Can the following performance traces be started through CA Insight IFCID(003,023,024,025,090,091,105,172,196, 197,199,203,204,205,206,207,208,209, 210,221,224,235,236,239,250,258,313 )? If yes, in which CA Insight parameter should they be coded?




Specifies a list of IFCID records to write to the statistics history file. IFCIDs 1 and 2 are included even when they are not specified. You can include any valid IFCID, but the following IFCIDs are recommended and enabled by default: 

? 1—statistics subtype 0 

? 2—statistics subtype 1 

? 106—DSNZPARM data 

? 172—deadlock details 

196—timeout details 

? 199—data set I/O statistics 

? 202—statistics subtype 2 

? 225—DB2 storage statistics 

? 230—statistics subtype 3 

? 254—CF cache structure stats 

? 313—long running URs at checkpoint 

? 365—remote location activity 

Default: Enabled in the default SYSPARMS member. If this parameter is not specified, only IFCIDs 1 and 2 are enabled by default.