Started CA JMR and no output is being spooled?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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I have started the CA JMR started task and everything looks good. No error messages are generated. I execute multiple jobs and none of the output is spooled OR some are spooled and some are not. Why is this?


CA JMR uses the started task as a filter for what job OUTPUT classes will be spooled. In the started task JCL you will have the following parameters:

From the provided sample JCL: CAIPROC(CAPKJMR)

//CAPKJMR  PROC REG=1024K,                            
//         AUTOSTOP='N',                /*  MODIFY  */
//         CLASS='L',                   /*  MODIFY  */       ------> you can list all of your output classes here that you wish CA JMR to capture
//         JOBN=,                       /*  MODIFY  */
//         JOBI=,                       /*  MODIFY  */


//         CLASS='ABLONP',                                 ----->   sample of multiple output classes that can be collected

 Once you update this to match your output classes being utilized all should be good the next time you start CA JMR.


Additional Information:

Review the CA JMR Getting Started Guide