Start of SQL-Agent fails when ini-parameter max_Trace_KB contains letters

Document ID : KB000100121
Last Modified Date : 11/09/2018
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SQL Agent cannot start when in the ini-file the parameter max_Trace_KB contains letters. According to the description in the ini-file, you can use k for kilobytes, M for megabytes and G for gigabytes. E.g. when you want to set it to 1 megabyte, you can use 1M. But that does not work in SQL-agent 12.1.1. If you use these letters, the SQL-agent does not start anymore. No agent-log is written and Service Manager logs shows:
20180605/092154.460 - U00022019 Client statement: process '------------- VVIESUP06_WS121_MS_SQL01_SYS' should be started. 
20180605/092154.460 - U00022031 Client data: User 'domain\user of computer 'NB000123'. 
20180605/092154.460 - U00022004 Starting process '------------- VVIESUP06_WS121_MS_SQL01_SYS' ... 
20180605/092154.460 - U00022005 ... with command line 'java -jar -Xmx256M ucxjsqlx.jar -iucxjsqlxMS.ini'. 
20180605/092154.460 - U00022006 ... and start directory 'C:\WS121\Agents\SQL\VVIESUP06_WS121_MS_SQL01_SYS\bin'. 
20180605/092154.476 - U00022007 Process '------------- VVIESUP06_WS121_MS_SQL01_SYS' (ID '9280') successfully started. 
20180605/092214.543 - U00022023 No associated window can be found for process '------------- VVIESUP06_WS121_MS_SQL01_SYS'. 
20180605/092214.543 - U00022012 Process '------------- VVIESUP06_WS121_MS_SQL01_SYS' (ID '9280') ended. 
20180605/092214.543 - U00022022 Process '------------- VVIESUP06_WS121_MS_SQL01_SYS' ended, exit code='555'.
The issue is still under investigation by CA development.
Workaround: Do not use letters in the parameter max_Trace_KB. E,g, instead of 1M you can use 1000 for one megabyte.