Start and Stop the Policy Server Process on a UNIX System

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Start and Stop the Policy Server Process on a UNIX System



The Policy Server runs several processes on UNIX systems. The Policy Server installation process starts these services and configures executive applications to run the processes automatically at system startup in the future.

The main Policy Server processes for UNIX are:

  • smpolicysrv
    Serves Agent requests for authentication, authorization, accounting and logging, and (if enabled) administration.
  • smmon
    The OneView Monitor, which monitors the health and performance of the authentication server, authorization server, and Web Agent.
  • arrfserverarrfwatchdog (RiskMinder services)
    Evaluates each online transaction by examining a wide range of collected data against configured rules.

To start or stop the Policy Server process on a UNIX system, use one of the following methods:

  • Start and stop scripts (all services). Two scripts are provided to start and stop all Policy Server processes (Policy Server, OneView Monitor, RiskMinder). These scripts also stop the UNIX executive so that the process does not restart automatically.

  • Start and Stop Methods (Policy Server service only)
    The following methods start and stop only the Policy Server service.  These methods do not work for the OneView Monitor and Riskminder services. 

    • Policy Server Management Console: Click the Start and Stop buttons on the Policy Server Management Console Status tab.

    • smpolsrv script
      To start and stop only the Policy Server process, execute the smpolsrv script. If the UNIX executive is not running when you execute the script, the executive starts with the process. The command syntax is:

      installation_path/siteminder/smpolsrv -option

      Command line options:
      Stops the process.
      Starts the process.
      Indicates whether the process is running.

    • start-ps and stop-ps scripts
      These two command-line options start and stop the Policy Server service. For example:



The Policy Server logs all UNIX executive activity in the installation_directory/log/smexec.log file. Log entries are always appended to the existing log file.