Staging Jobs are Using the Lowest Available Bandwidth

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The Data Transport Service (DTS) is used when staging software packages to remote scalability servers. By default, when staging to All Scalability servers or any group of scalability servers, DTS automatically finds the bandwidth rate available of the the slowest link and uses that bandwidth settings for all the transfer staging jobs in that group. This is not ideal if staging to a group of scalability servers if any are on very slow links since all transfers to all scalability servers in that group will use the same low bandwidth rate for the transfers.


To improve staging time in environments where there are some low bandwith links to scalability servers, any of the following could be done:

1-When CCS and DTSBPV have been installed, this allows you to configure the MaxParcelSize dependent of the bandwidth/load of the related communication link. Please see the ITCM_NSM_Admin_ENU.pdf and ITCM_DTS_Admin_ENU.pdf in the \DOC\ENU folder on the media for details.

2-Create staging server groups based on bandwidth and stage to each group rather than to the All Scalability Servers group, this way the groups with large available bandwidth will all use the same high bandwidth rate. 

3-If you have less then about 25 remote scalability servers then you can configure DTS so that it doesn't find and use the slowest link available for the bandwidth used when staging to a group of scalability servers. You would do this by setting the configuration parameter "transfer group size" from 30 to 1 in config policy under DSM - Data transport service - Transfer object server:




This effectively sends 10 transfers using the max dts bandwidth. So if you have 22 remote Scalability servers  you need to increase the Config policy "concurrency" from 10 to 23. It needs number of SS +1. That parameter is under Data Transport Service - Data transport agent plugin: