SRM startup error - Error occurred while applying schema change Name: 1067 Errorcode: 1050

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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After upgrade of Spectrum from 9.2 to 9.3/9.4/10/0, we might see the following SRM error at startup in stdout.log or Catalina.out

"ERROR) - Error occurred while applying schema change Name: 1067 (Product version: 9.3.0) - Changing the primary key for bucketactivitylog table to improve the performance SQLException while running RuntimeSchemaChange1067 Schema Change Errorcode: 1050 "

This might be seen when the reporting tables are not completely migrated from mysql engine to innodb engine.


Perform the following commands on the Oneclick server to fix the issue

1.     <!--[endif]-->Logon to Oneclick server -> cmd -> bash –l ->cd mysql/bin

2.     <!--[endif]-->Connect to reporting database using mysql

            ./mysql –uroot –proot reporting 
3. Run this query at mysql prompt -> show tables like '%bucketactivity%' ;

4. Check how many tables are listed from the above query. 

     Case 1: If it lists two tables bucketactivitylog and 
       bucketactivitylog_tmp then perform the following: 
           a. Run query -> drop table bucketactivitylog_tmp; 
           b. Restart the tomcat. 

     Case 2: If only bucketactivitylog_tmp is listed then do the following: 
             a. Run query -> rename table bucketactivitylog_tmp to bucketactivitylog; 
             b. Restart the tomcat.  

This will fix the SRM initialization error and converts the rest of the reporting tables to innodb engine format.