SRM BackfillUsers ERROR message in OC-server logfile

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Last Modified Date : 16/11/2018
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When running the CA Spectrum Oneclick server integrated to a CABI/Jasperserver, this will raise error messages into the OC-server logfile (./tomcat/logs/catalina.out)
showing ERROR string indicating a severe problem.
For every acitve Spectrum/OneClick user an "ERROR" line is written to the OC-server logfile and 
That same users are synchronized into CABI/Jasperserver and can log into the JasperConsole.

The entries are looking like (servernames and usernames redacted):

Nov 11, 2018 14:08:15.675 (BackfillUsers_Thread) (ReportManager) - (ERROR) - ...
Nov 11, 2018 14:08:15.836 (BackfillUsers_Thread) (ReportManager) - (ERROR) - ...

Still - the integration is fine and this error message are seen at time of OC-server startup only. Once started no further messages like these are written. 
This problem applies to CA Spectrum R10.2.3 integrated with CABI 6.3 or higher
During OC-server startup the user-model synchronization during initial startup processing shows this error message. 

- OneClick/Tomcat server logfile - when integrated with CABI_Jaspersoft shows this "ERROR" message. 
- at integration level the Spectrum/CABI integration works 
- it appears the seen "ERROR" message is raised per each user-model in Spectrum - during OC-tomcat 
  server startup processing. Subsequent user-model sync activities appear to be fine and will not show/cause 
  such an error message. 

This will be corrected in a future CA Spectrum Release (R10.3++). Problem is "benign error message" and integration will still run fine.