sqlserver probe is alerting when secondary aag nodes are synchronising

Document ID : KB000095188
Last Modified Date : 09/05/2018
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How can we stop the probe alarming when the secondary nodes in the AG are in states 1 and 2 ? i.e. we are only interested in alarms being raised where the state is 0.
1/ Deactivate the sqlserver probe
2/ Go into the probe Raw Configure, then expand the checkpoints and expand the aag_db_replica_synchronization_state checkpoint.
3/ Edit the condition value from != to = and apply. 
4/ Go into the probe configuration gui and amend the threshold for the checkpoint to 0
5/ Once the change has been applied, and probe restarted, the alarm should only be raised for state 0

These are the states for the checkpoint as of the 5.30 version of the sqlserver probe:

Not synchronizing: 0 
Synchronizing: 1 
Synchronized: 2 
Reverting: 3 
Initializing: 4