sql_response -Execute SQL, COM Error [0x80040154] Class not registered - [Provider] Class not registered

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Last Modified Date : 23/05/2018
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sql_response 1.64 on Windows server 2012, 64 bit
The sql database version being monitored is SQL 2012. on cluster remotely
sql_response ->SQL query brings up results when "Test" is done

Database connection shows ok (green) on test?

Errors as below in logs
Apr 15 14:15:15:445 sql_response: DbConnectionOpen starting for profile TEST_DBCluster, connection timeout=30
Apr 15 14:15:15:445 sql_response: CreateConnString starting - TEST_EPECMDC3
Apr 15 14:15:15:445 sql_response: Profile: TEST_DBCluster - Openning Connection with db authentication
Apr 15 14:15:15:475 sql_response: Profile TEST_DBCluster, DbConnectionOpen - connected to database
Apr 15 14:15:15:475 sql_response: Profile: TEST_DBCluster, Error in Execute SQL
Apr 15 14:15:15:475 sql_response: Profile: TEST_DBCluster, operation: Execute SQL, COM Error [0x80040154] Class not registered - [Provider] Class not registered
Apr 15 14:15:15:475 sql_response: Saving the alarm to the list in profile
Apr 15 14:15:15:475 sql_response: entry found so returning...

->No QOS is generated for Response time metric as? verified in Dr Nimbus



Changed the Cursor mode to Server from Client in the SQL query tab

Below is information about the setting

Allows you to select Server or Client and manage the cursor.
Creates the cursor in the database server. This setting delivers realistic data about the database performance.
Disadvantage: Reduces performance when the net-traffic increases.
Transfers the record set to the client machine by ADO and manage the cursor there.
Advantage: Better performance.
Disadvantage: The results are buffered, depend on ADO provider and can hide real database performance.

After change of the setting the error was resolved
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