SQL CODE -927 Encountered in TSO Trace Facility

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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SQL CODE -927 Encountered in TSO Trace Facility

A SQL CODE -927 occurs when a program bound with a DB2 call attach module calls another program bound with a different DB2 call attach module.  This can occur when using the TSO Test Facility.  Programs on the Host are generally bound using a TP Monitor of CICS or IMS.  The Test Facility is run under TSO and the DB2 calls must target the TSO DB2 call attach which occurs when the TP Monitor target is IEFAE.  Dynamically called modules may have a different DB2 call attach module.  It can also occur when using dynamic triggers.  Another cause is EABs may be installed outside of Gen and include a different DB2 call attach in the link.  When this happens, the SQL CODE -927 occurs. 


The DB2 call attach modules are:





For more info on DB2 attach, see:




To resolve the SQL CODE -927 in the TSO Test Facility, reinstall the called program with the TSO DB2 call attach or statically link the load module.  There is no good work-around or resolution if the called program is a trigger module.  In this case, the triggers would have to be regenerated and installed which is not an ideal solution since they affect the entire model.  Reinstalling individual trigger modules can be tedious but possible.  If testing is desired when using dynamic triggers, use the Diagram Test Facility (DTF).