SPM HTTP tests not running: Invalid proxy port

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Last Modified Date : 09/08/2018
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  • Everything was fine as I was adding more and more HTTP proxy tests. then suddenly they all stopped working, while other TCP tests seem to work fine.
  • All the tests are the same and happening from the same two servers.
  • I talked to the proxy team and they said they are not blocking anything.
  • Create a new svcrsp.cf file with only one or two of the problem tests so its easier to read the debug log. 
  • Put the SRM AIM into debug=7 via the svcrsp.cf file and restart the agent (C:\Users\Public\CA\SystemEDGE\port1691\plugins\svcrsp\svcrsp.cf).
  • Rerunning tests shows them failing due to invalid proxy configuration:
ERRSRC:http ERRCODE:50 INDEX:14229 NAME: TESTDESC:Marko ERROR: jcollector.SATestException: Invalid proxy port.
  • Customer inadvertently placed http:// in front of the proxy server destination within Spectrum:
User-added image
  • Removing http:// from the proxy configuration within the tests resolved the issue:
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