spectrumgtw Validate Connection fails: "make sure that the webservices_rest package is deployed on the UMP server"

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Last Modified Date : 14/05/2018
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When I Validate the connection in the spectrumgtw "UIM Configuration" section I get the error: 

Connection to the specified UMP server failed. Please provide the correct details and make sure that the webservices_rest package is deployed on the UMP server
Error Code: Not Found
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User-added image>User-added image
•   I have checked that the UMP server contains the webservices_rest package 

UIM 8.5.1 / 9.0
spectrumgtw 8.65
​webservices_rest 8.51 / 9.00
Spectrum 10.2.2 / 10.2.3

The cause of this issue could be a permission issue (ACL) of the user used for the connection. The user must have the "web service" ACL enabled for the webservices_rest 
■  Open Infrastructure Manager:
> go to: Security
> "Manage Access Control List..."
> and select the ACL assigned to the affected user
> Enable the "Web Service" ACL

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■ If the 'Web Service' ACL is not avaialable at all, even for the superuser ACL, the security.cfg ACL list may be corrupt. In this case, follow the below procedure:

1. Open Infrastructure Manager
2. Navigate distsrv probe on the primary UIM server.
3. With the distsrv probe highlighted, press "Ctrl-P" the probe Utility (pu) should appear.
4. In the probe commandset, select callback set_init_acl with the parameter value "base_acls.cfg".

The callback updates the security.cfg with default ACLs.
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