SPECTRUM will model device but the model stays Blue Initial Condition (Legacy KB ID CNC TS31135 )

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Use the following steps to recover from SPECTRUM database corruption.

1. Login to the SPECTRUM Windows system as the SPECTRUM owner
2. Shutdown the SpectroSERVER
3. Open a bash shell
4. cd to the $SPECROOT/SS directory
5. Enter the following command to create a models only backup of the existing database

../SS-Tools/SSdbsave -m models_only

6. Reinitialize the database to the legacy database by entering the following command:

../SS-Tools/SSdbload -il legacy.SSdb

7. When the above load command completes, reload the models from the models only backup created in step 5 by entering the following command:

../SS-Tools/SSdbload -m models_only.SSdb

8. Start the SpectroSERVER
9. Login and check the status of the model

If the above does not work or if you do not do the above, then another thing we can try is to force the change of the Condition and Contact_Status by doing the following

1. Open a OneClick console as an ADMIN user

2. Find and select the model

3. Right mouse click on the model and select Utilities -> Attribute Browser from the menu

4. In the Attribute Editor Window, click on the blue add link to the right of the User Defined folder

5. In the left column, filter/find the GnSNMPDev model type and select

6. In the right column, filter/find the Condition attribute and select

7. Back in the Attribute Editor window, highlight the Condition attribute and click on the ">" button to more it to the right

8. Repeat steps 4-8 for the Contact_Status attribute

9. Make sure the No Change box for each attribute is unchecked

10. Change the value for Contact_Status to Established

11. Change the value for Condition to Normal

12. Do not check the Set As Default check box for either

13. Click on the Apply button

The model should go Green at this point.



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SPECTRUM will model device but the model stays Blue Initial Condition  
User is able to model by ip a device, however, the model stays in the Blue Initial Condition.
SPECTRUM OneClick views return information and SPECTRUM is communicating with the device but model will not turn Green Normal Condition.

Problem Environment:

Causes of this problem:
SPECTRUM database corruption is one possible cause for this condition
 If the problem is not due to corruption of the database, there are  two instances where SPECTRUM would turn a model BLUE out of the box

1. When first modeled in the database, that is the first initial condition of a model. Hence, BLUE = Initial for most instances. After SPECTRUM contacts the device associated with the model, it will turn it GREEN.

2. The model is marked as insignificant. When a model is marked as insignificant, when SPECTRUM loses contact with it, it will not turn it RED it will turn it BLUE. So BLUE=insignificant as well. To mark a model as insignificant, you need to set the Value_When_Red attribute to zero.

You could create an event where the alarm asserted on the model is BLUE if you would like. There are not may instances where you would want to do that, but you could if you wanted to.

What we will need to trouble shoot this issue is an Event Report on a few of those models that turned BLUE to see if there is a specific event that was logged to turn them BLUE. To collect an Event Report select the model in OneClick and select the Event Tab in the Component Details section. Please ensure that you collect the events that include the period where the models are BLUE. You can adjust the period of the Event Report by selecting the icon that looks like a funnel and select the correct period.

If we are not able to find a specific event, it could mean the event is not logged. In that case, we would like to check ALL of your EventDisp files located in the $SPECROOT/SS/CsVendor and $SPECROOT/custom/Events directories to see if there is an EventDisp entry that is configured which is turning these models BLUE. What we would be looking for is an entry similar to the following:

0x00210034 E 70 A 6,0x210034

In the above example, the "6" says to generate an Initial "BLUE" condition.


(Legacy KB ID CNC TS31135 )