Spectrum VNA Integration - Not seeing VMware inventory

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Last Modified Date : 05/12/2018
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VNA - VMware vSphere to Spectrum is integrated successfully. But the VMware inventory created in Spectrum is not seen.

Confirmed that VNA is collecting inventory from VMware. 
Also have the VNA - Cisco ACI integration to Spectrum and can see all of the Cisco ACI related inventory built-out in Spectrum fine.
VNA 3.6 and Spectrum 10.2.3
There is a patch available from Broadcom for this issue.

Request "vsphere-plugin.jar" from Support.
Steps to Upgrade VSphere Plugin 

1) Download the new plug-in from CA Technologies and copy the plug-in to a system that has access to the gateway.

2) Upload the plug-in to the gateway:

curl -X POST http://gateway_host:8080/vna/rest/v1/admin/plugins?forceDowngrade=true -H "Context-Type: application/octet-stream" -T new-plugin.jar

new_plugin is the name of the plug-in JAR file.

3) Once the plugin is upgraded , follow the following steps to update the running instance of Vsphere plugin.

a)Query the following REST URL to find the config ID:


Copy the id for the vsphere plugin running 

b) Run the following curl command to update your vSphere instance 

curl -X PUT --header 'Content-Type: application/json' --header 'Accept: text/plain' -d '{
    "VCENTER_IP": "10.0.x.x",
    "VCENTER_USER_NAME": "vnaUser@xxxxx",
    "VCENTER_PASSWORD": "xxxxx",
    "PROTOCOL": "https",
    "INVENTORY_POLL_RATE": "0 */5 *",
    "AVAILABILITY_POLL_RATE": "0 */5 *",
    "PERFORMANCE_POLL_RATE": "0 */5 *",
    "DOMAIN_ID": 1
}' 'http://VNA_host:8080/vna/rest/v1/admin/plugins/vSphere%20Plugin?configId=configID'

Here configID is the id copied in the previous step.