Spectrum v9.3 backup restore on v10.1.1

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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We have ca spectrum v10.1.1 installed in our environment. Our customer wants to verify old alarms/events which are of spectrum v9.3. Will restoration of spectrum v9.3 data (ssdb+ddmDB) on spectrum v10.1.1 work?



Will restoration of spectrum v9.3 data (ssdb+ddmDB) on spectrum v10.1.1 work?

Spectrum release 9.x, 10.x running on all supported platforms

Loading a legacy Spectrum database (SSdb and DDMdb) will not work for us as we cannot directly load database from Spectrum 9.3 to Spectrum 10.1 anyway. The answer is further divided into two parts (i) Preserving Alarms (ii) Preserving Events


(i) Preserving Alarms:


The alarm information is not saved in SSDB, it is saved in ssAlarms.db and ssAlarms.ix files in the $SPECROOT/SS directory. The ssAlarms files are not saved, therefore when the database is initialized and reloaded, the alarms will be lost. 


(ii) Preserving Events:


You could preserve the Events by doing a Migration installation of the existing Spectrum 9.3 release. Please refer the link in the Additional Information for further information

Additional Information:

Migrating CA Spectrum from 9.3 to 10.1: