Spectrum users with specific roles and permissions are unable to run eHealth reports from Spectrum

Document ID : KB000049470
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The Spectrum eHealth Integration has been configured and is running. Users who access it have been given a custom role to limit their access through permission limitations. As well they are restricted to particular model views through the use of Security Strings assigned to models in Spectrum. These users are unable to launch eHealth reports from the Spectrum OneClick client console. The report launch options are available to the users, but when selected nothing further occurs, no browser is launched to attempt to run the requested report in eHealth.

Users with wider privileges such as admin users do not have this problem.


When the Spectrum eHealth Integration is configured, Spectrum automatically creates models that represent the various eHealth servers under the eHealth Manager area of the OneClick client console. This is found at the global level in the Explorer tab of the Navigation Pane in the OneClick client console.

When the eHealth reports are launched, the Spectrum product searches for attribute values on the eHealth server models in this area to determine what values, such as host name, to use when building the URL to be used in launching the report against the eHealth servers.

If Security Strings are in use that restrict user access to models and their data, and also set on these eHealth models in this area, it may cause a problem such as this.

Due to the Security Strings limiting the users access to the models information, when the user tries to launch the report and Spectrum attempts to build the URL, the users limited access prevents Spectrum from obtaining the necessary information to build the target URL.

Are the Security Strings set on models that limit the users access also set on the eHealth server models created automatically by Spectrum under the eHealth Manager area of the Spectrum OneClick client console?

If so either the users will need to be provided access through their assigned roles privileges to that Security String, or that Security String will need to be removed from those models. Once one of these options are fulfilled, the users should now be able to successfully launch the eHealth reports from the Spectrum OneClick client configuration via the Spectrum eHealth Integration.