Spectrum upgrade fails because processes still running

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Last Modified Date : 20/11/2018
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The Spectrum upgrade fails with the following error:

** Error during verification of no running Spectrum processes, the following processes found still running: processd.exe
Upgrade of any Spectrum version from one version to another on any support operating system
As the error states, the installation process has detected Spectrum process still running.
When running a Spectrum upgrade, ALL Spectrum processes (except the sradmin) MUST be shutdown before running the upgrade installation.

Ensure ALL Spectrum processes (except the sradmin) are shutdown before running the upgrade installation.

If this error message is seen during the upgrade, shutdown the Spectrum processes mentioned in the error message and either continue or restart the installation.
Additional Information:
To stop the SpectroSERVER and Archive Manager:

Log into the system as the user that owns the Spectrum installation and run $SPECROOT/bin/stopSS.pl

To stop processd:

Windows - Log into the system as a user with Administration rights and stop the Spectrum Processd service

Linux and Solaris - Log into the system as the root user and run $SPECROOT/lib/SDPM/processd.pl stop

Reference the "Process Daemon (processd) section of the documentation located at https://docops.ca.com/ca-spectrum/10-2-3/en/administrating/distributed-spectroserver-administration/setting-up-a-distributed-spectroserver-environment#SettingUpaDistributedSpectroSERVEREnvironment-ProcessDaemon(processd)

NOTE: When shutting down processd, processd will try shutting down all the running Spectrum processes first before it shuts itself down. It is always recommended to shutdown the SpectroSERVER and Archive Manager using the stopSS.pl script before shutting down processd to avoid possible database corruption.