Spectrum SDM/SDC performance problem affects "pingables" (Legacy KB ID CNC TS29767 )

Document ID : KB000051822
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Reconfigure Spectrum "Fault Isolation" application model attribue "ICMP_timeout" to force Spectrum to "wait longer" for a ICMP reply.

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Performace Problem in SDM/SDC cause connection lost event for polled devices

Problem Environment:
SPECTRUM 08.01.00
Secure Domain Manager

Causes of this problem:
Spectrum Secure Domain Manager connects to remote SecureDomainConnector instance. That TCP session is then used to poll remote devices. In case of monitoring many remote devices the implemenation could run into a performance problem as the requests passed over the SDM to the remote SDC are serialized. That may cause to exceed the default timeout to wait for ICMP reply when polling "pingables".

Additional Information:
You will get a good feeling for the ICMP timing when opening via OneClick console a "ping" applet and run a ping against the remote device. In case you will see a "timeout" this indicates the ICMP reply is not received within default of 2 seconds.

(Legacy KB ID CNC TS29767 )