Spectrum Report Manager (SRM) installation procedures in Spectrum 9.2

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Installation procedures for Spectrum Report Manager in 9.2 using CABI 3.0 and BOXI 3.1.


Installing SRM on previous version of Spectrum

In previous versions of Spectrum OneClick/SRM and BOXI could share the same Tomcat Server and MySQL database (though using separate instances), but this is no longer the case in Spectrum 9.2.

Previously OneClick and BOXI shared the same Tomcat server and SRM and BOXI shared the same MySQL database.

Changes to the installation procedures of SRM in Spectrum 9.2

  • SRM in Spectrum 9.2 requires that you install CA Business Intelligence v3.0 (CABI 3.0).

  • As part of the CABI 3.0 install you are required to install SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 3.1 (BOXI 3.1) as a standalone component.

  • When installing CABI for SRM, the BOXI component must now have its own dedicated Tomcat server and MySQL database. They can no longer share the Tomcat / MySQL with OC / SRM.

  • While it is still possible to install the BOXI Tomcat server and MySQL database on the same host as the SSDb or OneClick this is not recommended practice because it has been noted that conflicts can occur.

  • If you are installing BOXI on the same computer as the OneClick Server, you must specify different BOXI Tomcat ports than those used by CA Spectrum Tomcat.

  • If you are installing BOXI on the same computer as SRM, you cannot use the default MySQL ports of 3306; you must specify different unused ports.

Using Existing installations of CABI v3.0

  • It is possible to use an existing installation of BOXI 3.1 when installing SRM on Spectrum 9.2.

  • It is possible to share a BOXI installation with other CA products that use the same version BOXI 3.1 (SSA, Service 12.5 are two examples).

  • Note 1: Since products are not tied to the same release schedules it may be that later versions of any products sharing the CABI 3.0 install will no longer work with this particular version.

  • Note 2: You must use CABI 3.0 and with it BOXI 3.1 when installing SRM for Spectrum 9.2. It is not possible to use older versions.