Spectrum Report Manager issue monitoring landscapes (Legacy KB ID CNC TS33213 )

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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We added database verify integrity functionality to 9.0 SRM.  As a result, when the above behavior occurs it is because SRM is verifying the integrity of the database and has not completely started yet.  For large SRM databases this can take quite a long time.  By running a show full processlist from a mysql prompt we can identify the database check that is occurring and kill it without causing any issue with he SRM database.  After doing this SRM should finish starting up and we should be able to monitor the landscape without issue.

Another possibility is that there is there is corruption in the SRM database.  The first thing to check is the $SPECROOT\tomcat\logs\stdout.log (Windows) or catalina.out (UNIX)

Look for messages that the reporting database is corrupted or that a specific table is corrupted or damaged.  Here is an example: java.sql.SQLException: Can't open file: 'event.MYI' (errno: 145).  If you find corruption, then try to fix it

1. Bash -login (on UNIX just open the bash shell)

2. Cd mysql/bin 

3. ./mysqlcheck -uroot -proot --repair --force reporting  (let it run to completion.  if the SRM database is large this could take several hours)


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Spectrum Report Manager issue monitoring landscapes
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(Legacy KB ID CNC TS33213 )