Spectrum Report Manager does not start up due to errors relating to 'directory'

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Errors are seen in the $SPECROOT/tomcat/logs/stdout.log (catalina.out *nix) relating to parameter directory is not a 'directory'.

Full error:

Jan 07, 2013 08:31:32 PM (SRM/Startup/Container) (com.aprisma.spectrum.app.repmgr.web.servlet.SRMBootstrapServlet) - (ERROR) - Error occurred while initializing SRM components
com.aprisma.spectrum.app.repmgr.exceptions.SRMException: Error occurred while logging custom configuration changes

Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Parameter 'directory' is not a directory

at org.apache.commons.io.FileUtils.listFiles(FileUtils.java:207)
at com.aprisma.spectrum.app.repmgr.common.CustomConfigLogger.logChanges(CustomConfigLogger.java:70)
at com.aprisma.spectrum.app.repmgr.dc.db.ReportManagerInitializer.logConfigurationChanges(ReportManagerInitializer.java:180)


The reason this comes up is because the ReportManagerInitializer code is looking for the directory $SPECROOT and then the custom/repmgr/config directory. If this error is seen, it means that directory does not exist.

To resolve, simply create the directory structure $SPECROOT/custom/repmgr/config/events

The config directory is the most important part, but the events directory is also needed. Once this is created, restart the Spectrum Tomcat Service.

Go into Services and restart Spectrum Tomcat

Go into $SPECROOT/tomcat/bin as the spectrum install owner
Type - ./stopTomcat.sh
Once stopped type - ./startTomcat.sh

Once restarted, view the log to confirm Report Manager starts and there are no errors in the log file.