Spectrum Report Manager Current Ports: Detail report does not show active or accurate data.

Document ID : KB000052481
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The Current Ports: Detail or summary reports can be misleading in how they are interpreted. The purpose of this solution is to explain how this report works.


This report has multiple columns:Port Name, Port Desc, Port Type, Port Speed, Port Status, Days Idle, Is Port Available.

The confusion commonly falls on the Port Status, Days Idle, and Is Port Available columns.

Here is what each of these columns displays:

Port Status:

This is based off Spectrum attribute values. It takes a look at dateLastSignificantTraffic and ifLastChange. If the port is down, the date of last significant traffic is before the ifLastChange. We set the value accordingly. So basically the device has to have significant amount of traffic for it to be considered "In Use".

Days Idle:

This is also based on the dateLastSignificantTraffic value. We do a difference between the Current Run Time date, and the dateLastSignificantTraffic. This gives the total idle days.

Is Port Available:

This is based on the report parameters chosen before the report is run. You choose what you want for idle days acceptable. This column does a difference between the chosen number and the number in the days idle column. If the result is greater than or equal to what is chosen, then the port is considered available for use. Otherwise, it will be unavailable, based on the interface having a significant amount of traffic.