Spectrum Policy Blocking Enabling of Live Links/Live Pipe

Document ID : KB000107816
Last Modified Date : 25/07/2018
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There are some specific ports that are being blocked from having Live Links/Live Pipes enabled. How can I change these to enable live pipes?
Global Collections are used for the Policies to be enabled on certain models. If a model is part of the "wrong" Global Collection then the policy is not applied to the model.
To get the models/ports to show in the correct Global Collection where enable live links can be set.

1) On both ports that need to connect check the attributes that are associated with the "Search Options" of the Global Collection it should be part of.
2) Make sure the attribute is set to what the Global Collection has in it's search criteria. If they are incorrect you can manually change them by double clicking on the attribute. If many need to be changed a locator search can be used to find the ports then right click and use Attribute Editor to change them in mass.
3) Go to the Global Collection and select "Update Global Collection Now" for both the Global Collection it needs to be part of and the one it needs to be removed from.

This process should make the device move between the global collections and then you will be able to enable live links since it would be part of the global collection where the policy is attached for live links.