SPECTRUM packtool.pl - newtar: can't open SS-Tools/config_file_install_script.exe (Legacy KB ID CNC TS32206 )

Document ID : KB000051995
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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In packtool.pl


178 system "Install-Tools/newtar -scvfB $cur_dir/${tool_bundle}${exe} SS-Tools/config_file_install_script.exe $cliOC $ssloggerOC

$sbgwimport $modelinggateway lib $notifierOC Install-Tools/.history $commonOC tmp/packtool runme${bat}";


should be

178 system "Install-Tools/newtar -scvfB $cur_dir/${tool_bundle}${exe} SS-Tools/config_file_install_script $cliOC $ssloggerOC

$sbgwimport $modelinggateway lib $notifierOC Install-Tools/.history $commonOC tmp/packtool runme${bat}";

Related Issues/Questions:

Using $SPECROOT/SS-Tools/packtool.pl -no_notifier -no_event_alarms with SPECTRUM 9.1 on Solaris or Linux returns the following message:

newtar: can't open SS-Tools/config_file_install_script.exe: No such file or directory

successful pack.

Problem Environment:

Causes of this problem:

The problem is just, that the file to be sourced under solaris/Linux is "config_file_install_script"

and NOT config_file_install_script.exe as in packtool.pl (line 178).

Additional Information:

This is known as swbug022633:


The packtool.pl script will fail to package up a file on solaris and linux
because it's expecting a .exe extension on the file when there isn't one on
those platforms.


The packtool.pl script should not report any errors packing up files on solaris
and linux.

This bug will be fixed in a next hot fix for 9.0/9.1.


(Legacy KB ID CNC TS32206 )