Spectrum OneClick will not start after upgrading from 9.4 to 10.2.

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Last Modified Date : 14/03/2019
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After upgrading from 9.4 to 10.2 and consolidating 2 landscapes into 1, Spectrum OneClick will not start.  The tomcat service starts but the tomcat log references the now non existent landscape in the following error message:

 UserModelDomainList: could not obtain the name for domain >landscape name<

The retired landscape is still visible in OneClick web administration landscapes page, as a null entry, but is not referenced in the landscape map of the main landscape server or anywhere else on the Spectrum system.  The configurations are all as they should be.
At the date of publishing this article, this has been reproduced in Spectrum 10.2.2 and Spectrum 10.2.3, but does not reproduce on any other version.
This is a known issue and is resolved by running an ./update action=0x10103 mh=<user_model> against the model handle of all users, from CLI.

The attached script (user_model_sync.txt) can be used to do this automatically for all user models. It should be placed in a custom directory under the $SPECROOT/vnmsh directory on the MLS server in a distributed Spectrum environment. Make it executable and run it using the Spectrum install owner 
  1. Stop the problem Tomcat OC web server service.
  2. Run the script
  3. Start the problem Tomcat OC web server service.
For each user touched we should see a message output stating: "update action: successful".

If this does not work, a patch is currently available on 10.2.2 as Spectrum_10.02.02.PTF_10.2.225, and on 10.2.3 as 10.02.03.D361 (and Spectrum_10.02.03.PTF_10.2.383 which is to be installed on top of Spectrum_10.02.03.PTF_10.2.371), which removes the error message seen in the tomcat log and allows Spectrum Oneclick to start as normal. The correct landscapes are seen correctly in the OneClick gui afterwards. 
Please contact support for a patch if you see this problem after upgrading to Spectrum 10.2.x.

Additional Information:
This has also been seen on Spectrum r10.2.1 OneClick servers post OS patching and maintenance including a reboot. No upgrade was performed and the script resolved the problem.
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