Spectrum OneClick version 9.2.1 now uses a fixed listen port of 14001. Be sure to update your firewall.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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As of Spectrum version 9.2.1, Spectrum OneClick now uses a fixed listen port which is 14001. This was done to resolve previous issues with Visibroker and the CORBA communication. If this port is not opened, communication between the SS and OneClick will not work properly. You will experience problems such as alarms not appearing in OneClick.


TCP Port 14001 must be opened between the SpectroSERVER host towards the OneClick Web Server host if a firewall is in use. This is in addition to the documented TCP Ports 14002 - 14006 that must be opened between the OneClick Web Server host towards the SpectroSERVER host. Please note the reverse direction as 14001 will be the well known port on the OneClick Web Server host.

The 9.2.1 release note lists this as such;

Symptom: Intermittent SpectroSERVER instability surrounding CORBA communication.
Resolution: Modified our CORBA configuration as per recommendations from our CORBA vendor, which required OneClick server to use a fixed listen port(14001) instead of a random port. To further improve performance and stability, the OneClick server no longer depends on the CORBA Naming Service for connections to the SpectroSERVER, Archive Manager and Location Service.
(9.2.1, dvbug020061)
(9.2.1, swbug025112, 20249378-1)