SPECTRUM OneClick "Reconfigure Model" option does not work (Legacy KB ID CNC TS32953 )

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The other available reconfigure options should work on the models that do not support the "Reconfigure Model" button. The only function of the "Reconfigure Model" option not covered with the additional options is the  interface reconfiguration function.
As a workaround the customer can use the other reconfigure options as well as sending the following actions to the device model using CLI.
   update action=0x000d1f74 mh=<MH of Device Model>

          - This Runs CONFIGURE_CT_MIB2_EXT if supported
          - CLI will output "update: Request not implemented" if this is action not supported. If that is the case then run the following update action:
   update action=0x00d8f00d mh=<MH of Device Model>
   update action: successful
   Response has 0 attributes:

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SPECTRUM OneClick "Reconfigure Model" option does not work
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ERROR: <Model Name>:The model does not support this action.

Problem Environment:
Spectrum 9.0.0
Spectrum 9.1.0
Spectrum 9.1.1



Causes of this problem:
This is normal behavior for older model types that were not derived from the GnSNMPDev Model Type, which is a requirement for the "Reconfigure Model" option. An example of this is the 2H252_25R Model Type.

(Legacy KB ID CNC TS32953 )