Spectrum not creating a mdmp/dmp file for application crash on Windows 2008

Document ID : KB000031716
Last Modified Date : 28/11/2018
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When Spectrum is installed on Windows 2008, should a Spectrum application crash, no mdmp or dmp files are created.

Spectrum 10.2.X and below

Out of the box, Windows 2008 is not configured to create mdmp or dmp files when an application crashes.


A change in the registry on Windows 2008 is required to enable crash dumps (mdmp/dmp files) when an application crashes. 

1.  Open the Windows registry editor: Hit Win-R and type in regedit

2.  Navigate to following key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Error Reporting

3.  If it does not exist, create the following key: LocalDumps

4.  In this key, add the following values: 

     a.  Create STRING value DumpFolder with the following content: C:\test; (choose your location here)

     (!) It is recommended, not to use the root folder.

     b.  Create DWORD32 value DumpCount – assign 10 (decimal) to it;

     c.  Create DWORD32 value DumpType – assign 2 (decimal) to it;

     d.  Create DWORD32 CustomDumpFlags with 0 (decimal) in it.

5.  You can then check the results in Windows registry editor:


6.  Restart the machine to apply the changes.