SPECTRUM Device Type Identification will not change default Model Type GnSNMPDev for new SysOID (Legacy KB ID CNC TS29021 )

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Currently with DTI, if adding a new SysOID to SPECTRUM, the device with the new SysOID will be modeled by default using the GnSNMPDev.  So, as an example, if Juniper comes out with a new M-Series device that run JunOS (e.g M-107), if you add this SysOID to SPECTRUM using DTI, that M-107 is going to be modeled using GnSNMPDev, even though the Spectrum device type catalog cover a specific juniper router modeltype to the M-Series already.

In SPECTRUM 10.0, Spectrum will cover enhanced DTI, so that when adding a new SysOID, you will also be able to associate the new SysOID to an existing modeltype, and not have it default to GnSNMPDev.  So, in the example here, adding the SysOID for the new M-107 device and also at that time reconfigure SPECTRUM to model it as with Juniper Router modeltype.  This is a significant enhancement, because now this new M-107 will inherit all the functionality of the existing Juniper M-Series modeltype, not just GnSNMPDev functionality.

For Spectrum 8.1.0 if CA receives Management Module/MM request for a new device that is already supported by an existing modeltype in the current model type catalog, that becomes only a database change (meaning, only need to add the SysOID to database and associate it to the existing, matching modeltype). This database change could be done by using MTE in case the client has the appropriate administrative/technical knowledge to select the "best matching existing model type" from the Spectrum catalog. In that case we don?t have to create a complete new MM and Spectrum will make use of the MM capabilities from the assigned model type.

In case if the customer would not do this himself via MTE, or in case he is not able to decide for the "best matching existing model type" they can request for help from CA Technical Services. 
Note, that it is possible that the current Spectrum model type catalog will not cover a model type which fully match to the new device capabilities. CA Technical Support may help the client to do that model type reassignment. There is no tool available which allows to compare and "diff" the new device capabilities against existing Spectrum model types.

Find more info form https://support.ca.com -> click to "Device Self-Certification Overview"

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Problem Environment:
Device Type Identification will allow to set new Model Type Name for the new SysOID
Device Type Identification DTI

Causes of this problem:
Using DTI will not allow to implicitly change the device model type. Even using the DTI to set a new specific and recognizable device type name for the new devices covering an "unknown, new SysOID" this will not change the assigned default model type GnSNMPDev. 

Additional Information:
Model Type Editor is MTE - see Model Type Editor User Guide
Find additional Technical Document to customize Spectrum Model Type versa Sys-OID assignment:

TS23635 - How do I resolve my model as some other model type than GnSNMPDev?

(Legacy KB ID CNC TS29021 )