SPECTRUM crash on Windows because of binary incompatibility with dll's (Legacy KB ID CNC TS28427)

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The resolution is to remove the offending dll if no longer needed for the version of the HotFix being installed or replace with a copy of the proper dll if needed for the version of the HotFix being installed.

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SPECTRUM crash on Windows because of binary incompatibility with dll's

Problem Environment:
SpectroSERVER Crash


Causes of this problem:
The cause could be leftover dll files from previous patch installations that did not get removed or updated properly. This could cause a binary incompatibility with the current SPECTRUM install and cause the SpectroSERVER to crash.

The mdmp and dmp files may not specifically point to a problem with a binary incompatibility with dll's. Do the following to trouble-shoot to determine if the crash could have been caused be a binary incompatibility with dll's:

1. Check the VNM.OUT file for symbol errors in dll's.

2. Run a stack on the dmp and mdmp files and look for dll's that maybe from a different HotFix. For example, if you are installing H11 and see something like the following, it could indicate an incompatibility binary (note H04 in the path listing):

02e7fd8c 106029dd 10604b4f 00000002 00000000 libmoot!Event::flush+0x6d:\spectrum\S810\patch_builds\Windows\H04\Moot.a\src\Event.cc @ 233]

3. Look at the $SPECROOT/SS/support/SpectroSERVER.info file at the version of the dll's. Most should be the version being installed. For example, if installing H11, look for something similar to the following where it states "No matching binary found".

libnsa.dll      *D:\win32app\SPECTRUM\SS\libnsa.dll     N/A     N/A     No matching binary found.          7        5/8/2007 9:01 AM        20540000-20548000 SpectroSERVER_20080626_2217.dmp: Native 
libnsacore.dll  *D:\win32app\SPECTRUM\SS\libnsacore.dll N/A     N/A     No matching binary found.    8        5/8/2007 9:00 AM        20550000-20559000 SpectroSERVER_20080626_2217.dmp: Native

4. Compare dll's listed from the SpectroSERVER.info file on the problem SpectroSERVER system with those from a fresh identical installation that is not experiencing the problem.


(Legacy KB ID CNC TS28427 )