Spectrum Connector stay in Initialize status when SOI Manager is restarted

Document ID : KB000007813
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Each time when the SOI Manager is restarted, the Spectrum Connector status goes into Initialize and comes never to the status online

SOI 4.0 CUM2 + July 2017 Defect PackSpectrum IM Connector

The getCIsnew Thread is in a hang condition

One can see the following messages in the logfile:

[CA:00005_Spectrum-xxxxx@xxxxx.xx.xxx],07-27-17 03:28:26,INFO  getCIsnew                :2009  iteration : 2 passing model handle list from starting 20000 to last index 20264
[CA:00005_Spectrum-xxxxx@xxxxx.xx.xxx],07-27-17 03:28:26,INFO  getCIsnew                :2019  child thread - calling take 0
[VBJ ThreadPool Worker id=2 se=iiop_tp scm=iiop_tp orb=2b5cc1f2],07-27-17 03:29:03,INFO  areYouThere              :27    Received Spectrum Heartbeat
[MdrMonitorThread],07-27-17 03:29:09,INFO  isSystemUp               :163   Spectrum UCF Connector , isSystemUp = true


in the correct processing of the getCIsnew Thread the message appear like this:

[CA:00005_xxxxx@xxxxx.xx.xxx],07-27-17 09:05:12,INFO  getCIsnew                :2019  child thread - calling take 0
[pool-2-thread-1],07-27-17 09:05:12,INFO  ProcessGetAttrributes    :76    Started  ProcessGetAttrributes for 10000 models, UUID=6f7d3f0a-b7c0-4548-b146-d621d5f62981


Spectrum IM Connector patch 2.0.D1.244 can be optained from support through a support case. This patch will be published with the next Connector release.