Spectrum Alarm Notifier Not Running

Document ID : KB000124099
Last Modified Date : 03/01/2019
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Alarm Notifier is not running nor am I able to start it manually.  When checking the NOTIFIER.OUT log, we see the following error:

Location Service on $HOSTNAME: failed to connect, not listening on port 0xdaff. Check that the server is started and ready. 
The Location Server is not listening on port 0xdaff (decimal 56063)
Restart the Location Server:

1. Access Windows Task Manager
2. End Task on the process "LocServer"

1. ps -ef | grep LocServer | grep -v grep
2. Find the "pid" shown for the LocServer, it should be the first number after the user that executed the LocServer initially
3. kill -9 pid

Once the LocServer is killed, processd will start another version of the Location Server.  As a more invasive but alternative way to accomplish the same as the above, would be to restart the Spectrum operating system in its entirety.