Spectrum 9.3 H01 install fails with "Unsupported upgrade path" error

Document ID : KB000048259
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Installing H01 for Spectrum 9.3 will fail with an "Unsupported upgrade path" error seen in the install logs.

The tomcat custom script fails with the following error:

   Starting ServerConfigurationCreator   com.aprisma.tomcat.install.TomcatConfigException: Unsupported upgrade path   Upgrade version: tomct_cus| 10/07/2013 11:33   at   com.aprisma.tomcat.install.ServerConfigurationCreator.doCreateConfiguration(Se   rverConfigurationCreator.java:172)   at   com.aprisma.tomcat.install.ServerConfigurationCreator.createConfiguration(Serv   erConfigurationCreator.java:102)   at   com.aprisma.tomcat.install.ServerConfigurationCreator.main(ServerConfiguration   Creator.java:78)    ** ERROR during creating tomcat configurations


This is a problem with the way we updated the .install_history file that the tomcat.cus file utilizes during installation.

An example problematic .install_history file located in $SPECROOT/Install-Tools directory will look similar to this: 02/09/2011 13:27,tomct_cus|,SUCCESS 02/09/2011 13:45,tomct_cus|,SUCCESS 05/23/2011 15:02,tomct_cus|,SUCCESS 09/26/2011 13:15,tomct_cus|,SUCCESS 05/17/2012 15:43,tomct_cus|,SUCCESS 09/26/2012 15:25,tomct_cus|,SUCCESS 03/27/2013 13:43,tomct_cus|,SUCCESS 05/10/2013 07:14,tomct_cus|,FAILURE 05/10/2013 08:04,tomct_cus|,SUCCESS
tomct_cus| 10/07/2013 11:33,tomct_cus|,SUCCESS 02/26/2014 11:45,,FAILURE 02/26/2014 13:57,,FAILURE 02/26/2014 19:50,,FAILURE

The issue is with the line:

tomct_cus| 10/07/2013 11:33,tomct_cus|,SUCCESS

The fix is to simply remove the extra tomct_cus| at the beginning, making it the same format as the other lines in the .install_history file.

Re-run the installer and the issue will be resolved.