Spectrum 10.3 high memory usage

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Last Modified Date : 06/12/2018
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Since the upgrade to from 10.2.3 to 10.3 the spectroSERVER was killed about two times a week from the OS because of memory consumption.
It seems that the SS process was using around 30GB memory. No core file was produced but the following entries were found the /var/log/messages

UID 510, (SpectroSERVER) total-vm:43187720kB, anon-rss:36251228kB, file-rss:760kB
messages-20181028:2018-10-25T18:00:29.801134+02:00 fluffy kernel: [20033] 510 20033 10691314 9088079 4 0 0 SpectroSERVER
messages-20181028:2018-10-25T18:00:29.957267+02:00 fluffy kernel: Out of memory: Kill process 20033 (SpectroSERVER) score 719 or sacrifice child
messages-20181028:2018-10-25T18:00:29.957270+02:00 fluffy kernel: Killed process 20033,

Spectrum_10.03.00.BMP_10.3.001 does not fix the problem.
Spectrum 10.3 and 10.3 + BMP_10.3.001 on Linux platform
The leak corresponds to SNMPv3 devices new functionality (Events for SNMPv3 stack errors) introduced in 10.3. 
Contact support and ask for Spectrum_10.03.00.PTF_10.3.005 to solve the problem.
This patch can be installed on 10.3 and on 10.3 + BMP, as BMP doesn't ship the same binary.
Additional Information:
This is a PTF patch for the following issue:

     Symptom : SS crashed due to memory growth. 
     Resolution: Fixing the memory issues for SNMP v3. 
     (DE383903, 01181959)