Spectrum 10.2 Processd Install Fail

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Last Modified Date : 06/09/2018
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Install runs but does not complete successfully. The post Installation log located in <SPECROOT>/Install/Tools/LOGS is showing mesages like the following:

SpectroSERVER.exe Validation Complete
Creating shortcut C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\CA\SPECTRUM Control Panel.lnk for D:\Spectrum\bin\SCP
Starting tomcat for axis2 deployment.
Stopping tomcat after axis2 deployment.
Copying utilsrv.jar to axis2 web-app for NetQos logging.
Requesting installation of service: "SPECTRUM Process Daemon" error: Unable to authenticate user. Please verify username and password. error: service refused to be installed Requesting start of service: "SPECTRUM Process Daemon" StartService error: 0x6, this service isn't currently installed ** Error during starting processd
Windows OS
Spectrum 10.2.0
The initial Spectrum Admin user has special characters in the password. These are preventing Processd from installing properly. 
Spectrum Install user has special characters in the password "@" and "%" this can prevent processd to install. There are two options:

1. Edit the password and change/remove the special characters and Spectrum should install. 
2. Use quotes for the password in the Install dialog - e.g.: "pa$$word"
Additional Information:
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